Wood Therapy Tools: The Ultimate Guide

Wood Therapy Tools, What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

wood therapy tools Seeks Relaxation and certain physical benefits. Using wooden Utensils although It has been Modernized based On Ancient Oriental Techniques.

the human being has always Looked For ways To alleviate and or Eliminate all kinds Of ailments. Over Time, materials and Techniques have been Found That Improve and or complement what is already known.

Sometimes it is about new Techniques In Others. It Is About Old knowledge that is rescued and sometimes altered to adapt To new realities.

Within this last group is wood therapy or wood therapy, a treatment that has recently become very popular because it combines the relaxation of a massage with aesthetic effects. And as far as this portal concern, it has already caused many people to ask us about which Woods Are suitable, And how to design and build the instruments use in therapy.

Wood therapy tools consists of applying massages with a very rigorous technique and the help of various types Of Wooden utensils Too, Among Other Purposes, Relieve Muscle And joint Ailments, And Reduce stress Levels.

This therapy Is Of Oriental Origin And Not Exactly new it is an Estimate That It Is Centuries Old.

Benefits of Wood Therapy

A Series Of Benefits Is an Ascribe To This Massage Technique:

relieves muscle and joint ailments. It helps control anxiety and stress. Increase Physical Performance. Firm And Tone The body. Prevents The appearance Of cellulite, varicose veins, And wrinkles by aiding lymphatic drainage.

Has wood therapy contraindications

There is no clear scientific evidence on the efficacy and safety of this technique. However, it is not an invasive practice that can carry risks or contraindications for most people. Therefore, we should only rule out the practice in situations where the risk is due to other factors people with skin damage (burns, injuries, infections, or edema) or particularly Serious illnesses. It will always be advisable, In case Of doubt, to consult a specialist. 

What woods Is Used to Making Wood Therapy Instruments?

the most used wood is that of Urapán (Fraxinus Chinensis), an exotic species Of ash That can be Found mainly in Central and South America, China, and Central Asia. It is resistant and semi-hardwood with excellent mechanical characteristics. The most common alternative woods are beech, birch, and boxwood.

Does wood therapy work?

To be truthful, We Do Not Know Alternative Therapies are Not Our forte. We believe that It Is a matter Of personal opinion: if it works for you, then go ahead. We, learning of its existence, could not help it and did some research. After all, Everything relative to the world of wood catches our attention, and what you have just read is the result of this curiosity.

Wood Massage

thai massage with bamboo stick

However, It consists of The Application Of Massages Using Wooden Tools of different Sizes And Shapes So That They Can adapt To The Different areas of The body. It Is consing a non-invasive holistic Technique, capable of stimulating and balancing energy, reducing stress levels, and relieving Both muscle and joint pain.


wood therapy tools

Fights Cellulite And Orange Skin

The improvement applying wood therapy is evident and even eliminates certain types of cellulite.

Stimulates Circulation

So especially in people with this type of problem, will notice improvements in both arterial and venous blood circulation, in addition to lymphatic circulation, helping to evacuate toxins and draining all these retentions in depth.

Firms And Tones The Skin

working directly On It With The Rollers Will help To break down And dilute adiposities And accumulate fat. However, activating the production of collagen, elastin, and vitamin E, favoring the elasticity Of The dermis.

Body And Emotional Balance

Thanks to the use Of This technique, we will help our body and the mind obtain a state of well-being, And relaxation through Is It Massaged will achieve a balance between The body And The mind reducing not only muscle pain but also stress levels.

Relieve Muscular Pain

Thanks to the different types of rollers, they can adapt To different levels Of pain and treat them more deeply, making them an excellent muscle relaxant.

What benefits does the implementation of wood therapy bring?

wood therapyWood Therapy In Addition to being able To become a routine For accompanying exercises And Personal care provides a large. There are several advantages, including:

Release the tension of the muscles, it is Burning fat and improving the appearance of orange peel skin (cellulite) Elimination of toxins from the body Stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage Relief of muscle ailments with massages at different levels Useful, as a weight loss supplement Relaxing after intense physical activities and in cases of accumulated stress.

What is the duration of the effects?

the Wood therapy has better results as a continuous treatment or as a regular massage, and you will get better and Longer-lasting results the more consistent you are with the treatment.

How long Will take To see The Real Results?

However, It depends on the frequency with which you perform your wood therapy massages and the intensity.

But Generally, So Little progress is seen from the first session, although most people begin to see significant changes between the third and sixth treatment.

Wood Therapy Tools

wood therapySo The Wood Therapy Tools are:

Facial Wood Therapy Kit

However, It is to perform massages in all areas of the face, improving the natural production of collagen and elastin and reducing expression lines.

Swedish mug or cup

So Swedish Mug Is a Thought To help decrease fat and cellulite. So at the same time, it relieves muscle and joint ailments.

Rollers with buckets

Its objective is to promote circulation, which favors, The elimination of fat and stimulates the nervous system.

It is a little deeper than the round dice roller. Use our massage stick to stretch and break down fascia (fascial attachment), for trigger point massage, cellulite, fibromyalgia, soft tissue therapy and much more.

Molding Table

It serves to tone, outline, and define the most difficult areas of the figure, facilitating circulation and thus swelling. So, It is a wood therapeutic massage instrument and a Special technique That stimulates lymphatic drain.
So, as a Completely natural and Special technique has this stimulates lymphatic drain. and consequently helps to eliminate cellulite while at the same time has destroying fat cells. However, thus improving the flow of blood and lymph in the body.

However, the whole body as a consequence. the body has to receive oxygen and other nutrients that your skin requires to remain firm.