Benefits Of Email Marketing

Benefits of email marketing and mass mailing

Benefits Of Email Marketing :

Email marketing is in our day today. We’ve all probably gotten an email in our inbox at some point. The email was announcing an event or promoting a product or activity related to something we searched for on the Internet.

Surely you will ask yourself: how have they learned so much about us?

These emails made it through our email service’s spam filter. Since, at some point, while browsing the Net, we gave our consent to inform or enter our email address in a box where they ask for it.

If you didn’t know, that promotional email results from an email marketing campaign.

Like all digital marketing actions:

Link building campaigns.

. Paid traffic campaigns.

. Dissemination of content on social networks.

. Advertising banners, etc.

Email marketing requires capacity, knowledge and good execution.

Now let’s look at the concept of email marketing and classes.

Concept And Classes For Email Marketing

email marketingEmail Marketing is a type of marketing that involves sending emails to many people. It is used to send massive promotional messages that seek the recipient to act:

– Buy something.

– To subscribe.

– Sign a petition.

– Raise funds for a purpose.

– Report an event.

Email marketing is one of the most using strategies in the digital marketing world since it has many advantages and very few disadvantages compared to traditional mailing methods.

Like those, email marketing uses mailing lists provided by databases purchased or owned by companies.

The objective of their actions is none other than to retain regular customers and “hook” those who may be potential. Engage them by promoting the companies’ products and services.

Being a prevalent practice and therefore regulated. Like traditional mailing campaigns or calls from call centres. We have two types of emailing to focus our strategy:

  1. Direct emails: These emails intend to promote products or services.

For example, if we are a company dedicated to the sale of canine products. We will contact you to sell you a new protein compound that we have put on the market for your dog or inform you of a special 2×1 promotion.

Suppose we are an NGO dedicated to the defence of bees. We will raid your inbox (with your consent) so that you sign a manifesto that we will present to the EU so that its Member States regulate the emission of polluting gases.

  1. Transactional emails: We send emails to our clients to make them execute an action.

Benefits of doing email marketing

email businessUnlike traditional mail or any other means of reaching the customer (such as invasive phone calls from call centres), email marketing has the approval of almost all digital marketing professionals.

So it is very likely that you will end up integrating it into your digital marketing strategy if you have not already done so.

And, in case you are still not convincing, take note of its ten advantages:

  1. It is the desired email.

No one chooses to receive commercial advertising of their own free will. Nor do we ask for the annoying and intrusive phone calls at the hottest times of the day (or cold calls, which are still made).

Companies’ email marketing is a subset of Inbound Marketing, often known as attraction marketing.

As we have pointed out in the introduction of this post. You receive an email from a company because, at some point, you have to show interest and have subscribed to their newsletter. You have left your data in a form.

They will never reach you if you have not previously given them reasons to do so.

As you can see, with this, you ensure that at least 30% of the emails you send will not end up in the trash without being opened.

With mailing, on the other hand, only 2% of advertising ends up being read. Interesting.

  1. It’s fast.

The mail does not have to print on paper.. Let it go through the printing press, create a stock or send it to a courier service or Post Office so that they can send it. At a minimum, it will take more than a day to reach its destination.

Email marketing mailings, on the other hand, are sent by email and instantly receive.

Your metric analysis is directly affected by this speed. In just 3 hours, you can already evaluate the results of your campaign and modify them according to said results.

As you can imagine, Mailing campaigns are complicated to measure, and what’s done is done (they can’t modify them). Unlike call centre campaigns, which are measured Once a few days have passed. So its metric is not as immediate as that of email marketing.

  1. It’s simple.

Thanks to the great diversity of available email marketing tools to prepare email marketing messages. We can say that this system for sending mass messages is straightforward with them.

The tools are very intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t have to be a graphic designer to know how to handle them, create messages or create campaigns.

  1. It is asynchronous.

Mailings can be sent instantly but do not need to be read immediately.

Of course, the recipient can read them in any context, since who does not read their email several times a day?

We always carry email with us, so to speak (on the tablet, mobile, etc.), and it is something that, like WhatsApp-type messaging systems, we always see more than once a day.

On the exact opposite side, we have television, which is synchronous (if you miss the commercial, there is no going back).

  1. It is customizable.

Mails and email marketing campaigns are customizable. That is, they adapt to the needs of each client according to their peculiarity and that of their campaign.

  1. It is very economical.

Email marketing is perhaps the cheapest promotion system that currently exists.

You don’t need to print paper or pay a graphic designer to do the design for you to begin with it. Nor do you need a postal service to send us the envelopes.

We only have to pay the server that manages the campaigns for us.

Benefits Of Email Marketing And Mass Mailing

  1. It is ecological and sustainable.

In addition to economic, it is ecological.

By not using paper or any other physical support other than the virtual one, there is no expense in raw materials or waste to recycling later.

They disappear in the same way in which they arose, virtually.

Therefore, email marketing is ecologically sustainable (no trees are cut down).

  1. Enables direct and exact metrics.

As pointed out, email marketing campaigns for companies are directly configurable from the moment the mass emails are sent. So we can easily talk about a highly measurable and very accurate mailing system since we obtain data from the receiver’s behaviour.

Have you received our email?

Did you open it, or do you have it in your inbox?

If so, when did you open it?

What has he done with our message?

Have we achieved what we set out to do (that they subscribe to the newsletter, that they buy our product, that it subscribe to our fair, that they give us their opinion)?

  1. It makes it possible to do type A/B tests.

That is an advantage directly related to the previous one.

Email marketing, being directly parameterizable, can give us clues about its strengths and weaknesses and then allow us to change our strategy.

Benefits Of Email Marekting And Mass Mailing

So, if we had two mailing models, A and B, and we see that the metric tells us that A has not worked, next time (or with the new list of clients), we will try option B.

Isn’t it fantastic?

It’s like being in a test lab where we experiment with an audience at a low price.

  1. It is a “viralizable” system.

Yes, you read that right: virtualizable. And not in the sense of computer viruses (the companies dedicated to email marketing are a shield against viruses so that you will protect).

We want to tell you that you will be lucky that some of the emails you send in your email marketing campaigns will become viral. Since one receiver will pass them to another with the share button, you will include them below, and then that other will give it to 3 more and the 3 to 15, and so on.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Suppose you are lucky and do things right. The chain may become so numerous that you have some clients who become commercial agents who work for you without knowing it.

Your sales will multiply by one of your partners (or yourself) for creating such a great campaign.

Keys to success for email marketing

email senderTake note:

– Be careful with the subject (or the subject of the mail). It must be eye-catching and encourage you to open it so that it does not end up in the trash. But be careful: avoid words encoded by email spam filters.

They are the ones that refer to sex, viagra, money, free, bargain, etc.

Although the user has consented to receive your emails, your mailing does not know anything about it. It will intercept these shipments (which, moreover, are massive) and will interpret them as spam.

Also, you can penalise the server.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Take care of the message. It must be a great structure, concise and attractive.

Don’t stuff it with redundant data. Remember that we are on the Internet, and the attention you have obtained so that your recipient opens your mail, you can lose it in a matter of seconds.

Structure the message, that is, give a specific idea in each paragraph and carefully decorate the content with an image that is not too heavy and difficult to download. Remember what we have told you about the few seconds of attention or a gif that is not too distracting.

But, above all, pamper the spelling!

There is nothing more annoying than receiving an email with spelling or grammatical errors.

– Control the timing. That is a critical component of the strategy. B2B (Business To Business) emails are usually sent on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Why?. Because on Monday mornings, the managers are under the snow. Overwhelmed by the volume of emails, your email will get lost in the tangle.

Don’t mistake sending it on Friday morning either, as they’re planning on 2 pm that day for their weekend to start.

If it is a direct email to the client, send it on Saturday night. Since Sunday at noon is when people usually access their mail with complete peace of mind, it will be the first thing they see in their inbox.

– Have customer service ready. Within 24 hours, you will receive a response to any inquiry.

– Includes the option to cancel the subscription. The legislation provides that the recipient can cancel his subscription at any time.

 You must always include a link at the end of the email (even if it is on the letterhead and in miniature) so that it has this possibility if you do not want to have problems.

– Includes a CTA (Call To Action). At the end of the body of the email, include a CTA that entices the recipient.

To ask for a sample of what you sell, subscribe to that newsletter you offer or register for that event you are preparing.

Produce profitable campaigns

Benefits Of Email Marekting And Mass MailingTraditional campaigns can be expensive. However, email marketing campaigns tend to be more profitable.

Benefits Of Email Marketing And Mass Mailing

You won’t have to pay for photoshoots, location fees, printers, postage, or location. If you’re not using stock photos, you’ll need a copywriter and a graphic artist. That can even be a person on your team.

In addition, these do not take long to occur. You can generate an email in a day, which is much more profitable than the time it takes to produce a direct or print campaign.

Since time and budget constraints always weigh on sellers, email marketing campaigns can be more efficient while generating revenue and leads.

Provide more value to your audience

One of the key objectives of any business is to deliver value to its customers so that they return.

Email marketing is a terrific way to build a loyal customer base because it can provide value even if they don’t make a purchase.

Plus, with those customers who have to choose in, you can use email marketing to provide more resources than they are interested in it.

More people will pay attention if you consistently deliver value to your audience, and you will generate a more significant ROI.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

One of the best and easy ways to reach your target audience is email marketing. In addition, you can also improve sales and leads as this is still the place where people want to receive information. Therefore, you should not leave it aside since email is not dead as many think.