How To Generate Traffic And Sales With Pinterest: Ultimate Guide

how to generate traffic and sales with pinterest

Do you generate traffic and sales with Pinterest?

what do you know about generate traffic and sales with Pinterest?  You are already on too many social networks. It’s a lot of work having to update everything constantly. You don’t have time for just another social network. Ok, no one will force you to do anything, but if you want good and free visibility (and not only on Pinterest but throughout Google), I advise you not to give up on Pinterest.

And why Pinterest? How generate traffic and sales with Pinterest can it benefit me? 

Well, nothing more and nothing less than increasing the reach your products or services will have, attracting massive traffic to your website or blog, and achieving sales, boosting, and incredibly lengthening. The life of your content is much more visible in Google searches. 

Do you think it is negligible? 

I think it is unavoidable to include Pinterest in your brand strategy. But, as in every social network, it is necessary to optimize your profile based on your audience and your presence to get visits and that its algorithm “loves” you.

Create a business account on Pinterest

pinterest account

If you already have a personal profile, Pinterest allows you to transfer it to a company account. However, it can also be created directly and linked to your website from scratch.

A business account provides you with statistics and analytics on your activity (useful metrics). Precious information to measure our impact and compare what is working and what goes unnoticed; is essential to adapt our strategy.

Correctly complete all your business details in your profile: who you are, what you do, what you offer, what you sell, what you do. Get, in 160 characters, to attract the public that interests you and can quickly contact you.

Here Is More About generate traffic and sales with Pinterest

Check your website

how to generate traffic and sales with pinterestIn your settings, when you have filled in the profile name and description, you have been able to add the link to your website. But that is not enough, and it is necessary to verify it to show Pinterest that this page belongs to you.

So, an HTML tag generated add to your page, or upload an HTML file to the root directory of your hosting. Although, if you are on a WordPress platform, you can also do it comfortably using the Yoast SEO plugin.


They take very little time to verify it, and in your profile, you will get a brand new verification mark next to the link to your website.

This step is essential to enrich rich pins with more information than regular pins offer by including specific metadata on your website. But this topic deserves an entire article because rich pins are exciting for any business, website, or blog. Even if you have an online store, you can sell your products. You know, the easier we make it for our potential customers, the more conversions we will get.

Your profile picture, your badge

generate traffic and sale with pinterestA business must use its logo. It is better to put the same profile picture on all social networks to be known quickly. Your audience must be able to associate your photo with your business at a glance.

Optimize your boards for visibility on Pinterest

Each board you create for your pins must have a name, description, and category. Before we also put a cover on them, like in Instagram highlights, but that is no longer essential.

Use catchy, descriptive names and include keywords from your niche in the title and description.

Consider the searches that users do in this network and specify as much as possible in each board. For example: in my profile, there is a board with the name “Digital Marketing” and it is not wrong, since it is my niche, but I have another one called “” I keep my and other users’ pins; I keep my nails in the second, which has many more visits.pinterest-1007135_1920It is not necessary to start with many empty boards but to create the right ones and put quality pins on them. Over time you will make more boards and even sub-boards.

What about the hashtags?

pinterest hashtagIf we are used to other social networks, it is widespread to make the mistake of putting hashtags even on the mast.

Those of us who have had a Pinterest account for years miss hashtags. Until a while ago, we included hashtags in our pin descriptions. And they were clickable! That has gone down in history.

The social network has opted for organic searches, leaving searches by hashtag. That is, its search engine returns results without the need to include the hash mark.

You can still search by hashtag, but the results will be the same as keywords. Pinterest shows you the related pins and photos, texts, and names that have a specific match with your search, despite not having a hashtag.

Your pins, your showcase. Drive traffic and sales from Pinterest

pinterest trafficYour nails have to be of quality, with excellent and attractive images. Vertical format pins have much more acceptance than other social networks’ square or rectangular ones. I usually edit the same photo in different formats. I take advantage of the verticals that I use for Instagram and Facebook stories to share them on Pinterest, and they are perfect for me.

Link each pin to your website, the post you’re sharing, or the product the pin represents. And it is not that you will see a brutal increase in traffic to your website in 3 or 4 pins, but in the long run. My blog gets a lot of visits from Pinterest, for example.

Do not forget to put a good title and optimize the description of each pin, with its corresponding keywords.

But don’t stick to your pins. Do not dedicate your entire profile to the same thing either. Logically, as a business, you will save most of your boards to your interests, but Pinterest is also for socializing and sharing. Among the millions of network users, you will find beautiful pins worthy of being repinned and that, far from reducing the quality of your nails, they can boost it considerably.

traffic and sales from Pinterest

On Twitter, for example, I see a certain reluctance in many companies to retweet the content of others; Anyway, this would give for several other posts, but we are with Pinterest. And on Pinterest, the pins you are going to repin will not prioritize other companies over yours, but you will be linking that other content that is not yours. It is not competition, but in this way, the network will perceive you as equal to those other quality pins, thus giving you more relevance and increasing your authority.

Pin, pin, pin! I don’t have much time to do it, but Pinterest rewards quantity as much as quality. The more hooks you upload per day, the more exposure you will get.

“But I only have one post/product/article to share…”. Then create different photos and upload pins with other names and descriptions, even if they carry the same link.

Stop by Pinterest whenever possible and interact there. The network “loves” users who spend a lot of time on it.

When you add some of your pins, do not stop sharing them again, even if they are old. Check the analytics and repin the most successful ones. Of course, please do not do it so that they are repeated in your profile since it will harm its aesthetics.

Use group boards

social-mediaGroup boards can be a good option when you’re starting. They are all made up of several contributors. Typically, each leaves a couple of pins a day and repins a couple of other contributors’ pins.

Considering that you will join group boards with your same interests, you will gain greater visibility and find content that may interest you while also generating ideas for your purposes.

Where can you find them? In Pingroupie, you can search for your theme and request to join them. In the description of each board, you will be able to follow the instructions, which can be to send an email to the owner or request to join directly from the board itself.

From the same Pinterest search engine, you can also find others. Of course, join those that are worth it since there are some that, although they are very numerous, will not give you what you need: traffic to your website, visits, visibility, sales.

Why Pinterest to get visitors?

trafficThere are many reasons. For example, the longevity of a tweet is about 24 to 30 minutes and a Facebook post about 90 minutes, while the average life can be more than 100 days.

More than 80% of Pinterest users have bought something there, and many more have checked out products for potential purchases. Still not convinced?

Every month, there are approximately 500 million active users!

A pin can drive 33% more traffic than a Facebook post to your website. And while other networks do Everything possible so that the user stays on the same network, Pinterest focuses on each one connecting with what interests them, even if this means leaving the web so that they can read your content or buy your product.

By pinning your content often, you get to index it much faster, thus managing to position your images (and all the range of your pins) in search engines. Free! Dare, generate traffic and sales with Pinterest; you will get it.

On Pinterest, you can incredibly enhance your brand. It is one of the ideal platforms to develop and grow your branding.

Pinterest is a powerful search engine, not just a social network. But it is also a social network, so I encourage you to socialize, pin, repin, comment, and follow the accounts or boards that interest you the most. You, too, can generate traffic and sales with Pinterest.

Of course, pay attention to your website because on the internet, Everything is inter-connected.

Interesting Pinterest Facts for Small Businesses

pinterest-3124881_1920. More than 14 million articles and products are pinned daily.

. 2/3 of all content shared on Pinterest leads to Business websites.

. 87% of users have bought something after seeing it on Pinterest.

. 96% of people have used Pinterest to research and find information about something.

. 93% of people have used Pinterest to plan what they are going to buy.

. 80% of the pins on Pinterest repins that is Pinterest is viral.

. 54% of pins that generate clicks link to blogs. Interesting now

. The majority of users of the Pinterest social network are women, mainly between 25 and 54 years old.

. And also, unlike Facebook, Pinterest pins live forever. “Last forever”

What type of content will help me position my brand on Pinterest?

What should I post on Pinterest?

. evergreen content

. Images with phrases.

. infographics

. The photos of products from your online store.

. The photos of people type: “how it looks”

. The product or service videos you create.

. The audios or podcast if you work with this type of content.

SEO for Pinterest

PinterestBeing an entrepreneur is never easy, but this past year has brought even more challenges than usual. And for many small businesses, it’s more important than ever to get your digital marketing strategy right, especially if you sell products online.

Pinterest has invested in new tools and programs to help small businesses thrive, no matter the size or budget.

As part of SEO, Pinterest launched its Taste Graph algorithm in 2017 that connects millions of people on Pinterest with hundreds of billions of new ideas that are perfect for them.

This is how the Pinterest algorithm works and shows the perfect ideas for each user, helping them find new ideas that they like as they go through the different stages of planning their lives.

Remember: it is important that any pin you upload to Pinterest you add your website + your keywords + some related note such as your city.

Get YOUR referral traffic from Pinterest to grow YOUR Business locally.

A Local SEO strategy that is interesting to carry out if you are a small local business because this social network is growing more and more and there are already thousands of users searching for products and ideas on it every day.


ConclusionIf you haven’t worked much with Pinterest yet, you still have time to start creating “head” content on this network to increase your web traffic. You just have to think about keywords continuously and create content that is searchable, taking great care of the names and descriptions of the Pinterest account, boards, and pins.
If, on the other hand, you already had a Pinterest account, but you have not taken full advantage of the potential of the keywords, it may be a bit more difficult for you to optimize everything: the profile, boards, and pins, but you can take advantage and think well if all Boards are helpful, if they are specific enough or you could merge some boards or create new ones.