ChatGPT: What It Is And How This Can Help You

ChatGPT: What It Is And How This Can Help You. In November 2022, ChatGPT came to light and has since revolutionized the world of Artificial  Intelligence.

This technology could even take the place of Google as a search engine. But what is it exactly?

In this article, we tell you everything about this system and how it could be helpful for your company, such as helping you with your content strategy.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chat system that works with Artificial Intelligence. It has positioned itself as one of the most advanced since it can answer various questions.

ChatGPT technology is trained to hold conversations Specifically, it is based on the GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence language model developed by the OpenAI company, a nonprofit AI research company (created by Elon Musk and Sam Altman) seeks to establish this technology with a perspective beneficial to humanity.

ChatGPT: What It Is And How This Can Help You. Said language model has been trained with large amounts of text and information, becoming capable of generating text and performing translations. In this link, you can register to use it completely free of charge.

Users who have already been able to test it are very impressed with the quality of this AI, both for its speed and the wide variety of topics on which it can hold conversations. Another good news is that its Spanish version is available.

However, the English (original) version works much better since it is the language in which it was developed.

So yes, some experts warn of the importance of not providing private or dangerous information during conversations since said AI continues to learn and train from all the conversations it has. But ultimately, the conversation possibilities of ChatGPT are immense, from writing articles or summaries of any topic to product sheets and going through scripts for Instagram or YouTube (all of them exciting options to help your company in its content strategy). And that’s just a few examples.

ChatGPT: What It Is And How This Can Help You. In addition, you can also try to ask him for new things; this is the first time anyone has asked him to discover new functionalities.

Why is ChatGPT so amazing?

 The most impressive thing about ChatGPT is its ability to give surprisingly complete, correct, and exact answers since it is not limited to answering in a single paragraph.

In addition, their solutions have an extremely natural tone, which makes it very difficult to distinguish their texts from those that a human being can write. His ability to understand the context of the conversation is also very unique. In this way, if you ask him a question related to an answer that he has already given you, he will have no problem identifying it and knowing what you mean.

As we have said before, another of the most notable aspects of this AI is its remarkable ability to talk about any topic.

Later, we will give you some examples of what he can do, but his possibilities are practically unlimited regarding conversation. He also has humor, generating funny responses and telling jokes. 

For all this and much more, this system has completely revolutionized the meaning of what we understand through Artificial Intelligence.

 For now, its future impact and consequences on our society are unknown, even though some already theorize about its ability to replace Google (although not all approve of this theory).

It is clear that one way or another, it will leave its mark on the social and labor, and business spheres.

How can you use and sign up for ChatGPT?

First of all, you should know that using ChatGPT is very simple. Much of its success is due to that. Its development is currently in the beta phase, so, as we have told you before, its use is entirely free.

 To start using ChatGPT, you must enter this website and register or log in if you have already completed the registration process.

Once you’re inside, you can start interacting with him by asking him any questions. The developer company, OpenAI, suggests some sample questions to start getting your first impressions of AI.

However, we offer to be natural and ask questions that interest you the most. Remember that the more context your question has, the more accurate the answer ChatGPT can give you. In addition, you can not only ask the question but also indicate the language in which you want the answer, the tone, or the style. You can even ask for a solution with a certain number of words.

If you’re going to try any other request, we encourage you to do so to experience the results. On the other hand, there is also an advanced possibility, which consists of installing extensions for Chrome, Microsoft, Firefox, or Edge.

This way, when you perform a query in any of these search engines on the left, you will obtain the answers proposed by ChatGPT, which can complement the information submitted by other websites.

 Pros and cons of ChatGPT

As with everything, this technology has both negative and positive aspects.

These are the pros of ChatGPT technology:

 Support for marketing teams: many people think that this type of technology comes to replace the work of content creators.

However, although it is not something to be ruled out in the future, they cannot do so now. On the other hand, they can be great supports for professionals when carrying out the content strategy, for example, being a source of inspiration.

Chatbot development: This AI model can be used to develop chatbots so that they have more natural conversations with customers and respond more accurately and consistently to all their questions or concerns.

Support for traditional online search engines: as we have already mentioned, this chat can be installed as an extension to generate complementary search results to those that search engines such as Chrome or Firefox, among others, can give you.

On the other hand, as a counterpart, we would find the following negative aspects:

Biased answers: like all AI that feeds on the information that humans generate, their responses can fall into biases of any kind.

However, to reduce these possibilities, its creators have placed certain limits on them. On the one hand, it does not answer questions related to current affairs or search the web for information on recent events. On the other hand, it does not answer “inappropriate requests” either.

Misinformation: despite its significant advances, this chat should be taken as a severe minor source of information for now. One of the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has warned of the experimental nature of the system. While the answers this AI generates are slick, coherent, and grammatically correct, it doesn’t mean that everything you say is true.

That is why we should avoid taking the information it transmits as valid. Many users have verified how this system invents facts, data, and sources since it is made to be conversational and inaccurate.

Examples of questions you can ask and the answers from ChatGPT To inspire you, below, we will leave some examples of questions we have asked in this chat and their corresponding answers.

Example 1: Who are you ChatGPT

ChatGPT: What It Is And How This Can Help You. First, we wanted to check what answers the “who is you,” which is typical when we talk about Artificial Intelligence.

However, it is essential to remember that these systems are incapable of the reasoning or understanding of the meaning of the words and the intention with which the questions are asked.

ChatGPT what it is and how this can help you

Example 2: Write me a poem about someone jumping on one leg

As we have told you before, when you ask him a question or make a request, you can also ask him to answer you with specific requirements. For example, in this case, we could have also requested that the rhymes be of a particular type and that the poem have a certain number of words. 

ChatGPT what it is and how this can help you

Example 3: What is email marketing

Questions like this show that this technology can significantly support professionals in developing content strategies. Teams can be inspired by the response to this chat to create their email marketing definition.

ChatGPT what it is and how this can help youExample 4: What places should I visit in New York

Bloggers or content creators can also use this technology as a form of support to be inspired when creating posts on their blogs or social networks.

ChatGPT what it is and how this can help you

How does chatGPT affect the copywriting community?

However, it is still being determined what impact it may have on professionals dedicated to communicating, translating, and writing informative creative or advertising content.

But it is true that if there were to be a concern for the community of creative writers ( copywriters in English), this is an inevitable debate generated by any new advance in digital, which seems more and more accurate and affects a particular sector.

ChatGPT: What It Is And How This Can Help You. Can this technology jeopardize your job? AI cannot compare these tools with the essence of human creativity. Writing well, with quality, irony, and talent, belongs to the mind, far from the reach of a machine. The conversation is already online. Is it here to stay? We will see.

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